Our goal is to help the Business Community enhance employee benefits and provide value added services.

We are committed at helping individuals and their families to find comprehensive coverage to fit their budgets and needs.
TAMAYO ASSURANCE, LLC is an Independent Insurance Agency, established in 2001 and Incorporated in the State of Connecticut.

We are committed in providing top quality products and services to our customers. Individual and Group programs are available. We assist Businesses of all sizes with value added products and services, enhancing employee benefits.

If you are self-employed or do not have coverage to protect you or your loved ones in case of a medical emergency, give us a call - we can help!

TAMAYO ASSURANCE, LLC represents over 10 insurance companies in various lines of insurance protection. We work with you to find the best health coverage available to meet your personal, family and business needs.

To better serve our customers and in lieu of the rapid changes in technology, we have moved into a web operated business. You can still reach a live agent to assist you with your insurance needs.

We are licensed in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, and other States.

Our founder, Luis G. Tamayo, has volunteered his time in the community. Has served as President of the PTO for Yokosuka Middle School. Served as President of the OakLeaf Club of Yokosuka. Served as Board Member of the Latino Business Association, President for the Pheasant Landing Homeowners Association, President of the Steeplechase Owners Association, PTA President for the Creekside Elementary School, Parent/Teacher Liaison with A.M.P.A. He has volunteers as a Soccer coach for Parks and Recreation, and is an active community member.

TAMAYO ASSURANCE, LLC is not an insurance company and does not underwrite any insurance products.
Tel. CA 1-858-209-7417 / All Other 1 (815) 312-0840                                              e-mail: info@tamayoassurance.com
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Tamayo Assurance, LLC
Insurance - CA, CT, IL, KY, TN
An Independent Insurance Sales Agency
Strategies to help you secure and achieve your long term financial goals and needs. 
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